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Get More From Your Competent Person Scheme

For installers who are looking to get more from their Competent Person Scheme (CPS), Certass has a full value-added package to help them get more benefits for their business. 
Certass makes switching from an existing CPS really simple, with straightforward admin and friendly, helpful support on the end of the phone.
The CPS benefits include, free membership of their Trade Association, which gives installers access to extra technical and business support. Low-cost public-liability & business insurance and access to finance is also included.  There is also the option to add on workmanship certification for other building fabric trades and free access to dispute resolution services. On top of all this, installers can get leads direct from homeowners through the online ‘Find an Installer’ service.
Jason Clemmit, MD says: “Competent Person Schemes are an essential part of any installer’s remit, so it makes sense to give them a whole package of extras that adds real value for their business. As well as cost-savings on things like insurance, members get access to exclusive member discounts and offers. 
“Installers can also get leads from homeowners through our digital support initiatives. We know that most homeowners are checking out companies online before they buy, and our new Digital Support Package helps members get noticed and rated by previous customers.”
The companies Digital Support Package gives members a unique business profile on their website that homeowners can access through the ‘search for an installer’ function. There is also an online ratings section, where existing customers can score their installers’ service, workmanship and reliability. Plus, every member receives their own unique member logo, as added assurance for authentic membership.
To find out more about Certass, visit pr ca;; 01292 292095.






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