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Up For A Challenge?

The impact that the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern has had on the industry since it was introduced at Fit Show 2017 has exceeded all expectations at Made for Trade.
The roof is becoming the go-to product for installers, builders and the end users looking for a lantern solution for Glazed Flat Roof Extension projects. The lantern has become one of the biggest selling Aluminium Lanterns in the industry due to its  aesthetics coupled with powerful USP’s of faster, stronger, warmer and slimmer with no onsite cutting trimming or silicone applied within the roof. Fitted in minutes, glazed in seconds – simply highlights the USP behind the award winning lantern becoming the firm favourite with installers and builders who have fitted them. That all important ease of installation delivers confidence and places the product as one of very few to successfully blend technical innovation and modern manufacturing engineering.  
Made for Trade will be holding the ‘Korniche Challenge’ at the FITShow 2019. Following on from our “seeing is believing” marketing campaign this will be a chance of actually having a go and to top it off winning a big cash prize.
The company have seen a few claims that competitor products have been made easier to install, but does anyone ever put their money where their mouth is? Well MFT really are this time by offering  a £1000 cash prize by simply taking on the Challenge to install the Korniche Lantern in the fastest time of the day.
The components used will be exactly as they would be when delivered free to your site, having been unwrapped, checked and ready for installation. If you’re still wasting your time and money installing antiquated conservatory roof-based Lantern systems then this will be your chance to try Korniche. MFT are looking for 2 man/women teams to register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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