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TuffX Expands Manufacturing Facility

Following impressive growth and as part of a long-term strategy to increase production capacity, glass processing specialist, TuffX, has announced that it has expanded its Knowsley manufacturing facility. 
The Merseyside based company has recently taken on an additional 20,000ft2 unit, that adjoins its existing 55,000ft2 factory, creating an impressive space dedicated to quality glass manufacture. This extra space will house one of the company’s three laminating lines alongside a third, additional glass cutting line, a second digital printing machine and a new state of the art Bovone ELB 12 HS straight line edging machine. 
The straight line edger is the second machine of its type and is designed to produce flat and arisse profile. Capable of processing four metres of glass a minute, it will allow them to stay ahead of anticipated future demand by producing a greater volume of product, while still retaining a quality of finish.
As well as the new machinery and additional laminating and cutting lines, the expanded factory will also enable the company to optimise the layout of its existing facilities, not to mention create space for more glass cutting equipment in the near future. 
Operations Director, John Tierney, commented: “The addition of almost 50 per cent more space gives us the perfect opportunity to re-organise the current factory layout so that we can be as efficient as possible. We’ve been gearing up for growth and we now have the infrastructure in place to be able to deliver on expected demand going forward.”
MD Graham Price, added: “We have enjoyed a period of strong growth, and we’re looking forward to even more in the long term so the new and improved factory marks yet another important development for us.”
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