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Brighter Future

LED lighting is now firmly established as the light source of choice for those looking to reduce energy and save money. 
LED carries significant benefits in terms of lifespan, particularly over fluorescent and other traditional light sources. An LED luminaire can achieve as much as a 100,000 hours lifespan, while traditional light sources fail long before this. 
In industrial, warehouse and logistics applications, lighting should deliver energy efficiency, enhanced levels of illumination, long lifespans and reduced maintenance downtime. On average, factories and industrial environments can save 60% on energy costs with LED lighting. High efficacy fittings in a good quality lighting system, utilising sensors and other lighting controls minimise energy consumption, and lead to a significant return on investment.
Traditional sources have a slow start-up time, and may take up to 10/15 minutes to reach full output but LED luminaires reach full output instantly and also have an improved efficacy in comparison to traditional fittings. Following an EU directive, the efficacy of light sources must be at least 85 lm/W. Quality LED luminaires should reach this minimum requirement, whereas CFL and halogen fittings often struggle.
End users, contractors and specifiers must be wary when purchasing LED luminaires, and it is crucial that a trusted UK manufacturer and supplier is chosen when specifying LED luminaires, to achieve the required light output. 
We recently upgraded a 10,000m2  factory which had 60 flourescent lights 280W each, 16kW total with new LED Lighting. We replaced the old lighting with 40 LED High Bay 100W each, 4kW total. The result is a saving of 8kW h (based on an 8 hour day) and an annual saving of £5,900. If you would like to see how much you would be able to save, give me a call.
If you would like to save energy and money, please contact CEF Coleshill on 01675 430045.






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