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Brace Yourself!

The stability & strength of masonry during alterations is unknown and varies upon every task. Factors include the mortar mix and the quality and age of the masonry.
The main cause of masonry collapse is overloading due to underestimating the weight of the load and over extending Strongboy’s from the wall to gain more fitting work space. When fitted with a Strongboy or any similar designed product an Acrow props safe working load is reduced from 3,400kg down to 340kg and can reduce even further depending on the size & working height of the Acrow prop and how far it’s positioned from the wall.
The fully tested Brick Brace safety tool increases the unknown variable strength of masonry to 40Nm which, through testing is proven to be strong and stable enough to prevent collapse. 
 When used in conjunction with Strongboy’s the Brick Brace safety tool increases the variable & unknown safe working load.
The 2019 masonry Wall propping guide is available to read or download via our website and for free unbiased advice regarding any task tel 01895 546405.






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