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Gritit Warns Of The ‘Perfect Storm’ For Businesses This Winter

Winter maintenance firm Gritit, has warned businesses may be doing too little too late when it comes to protecting staff, visitors and the public this winter.
According to Gritit, businesses that offer little or no provision for winter gritting are heading for the perfect storm. 
Despite forecasters predicting yet another harsh winter ahead, many businesses are still failing with their winter planning. This combined with a crack down from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and a significant increase in prosecutions for duty of care failure, could spell disaster. 
Director for the South West region, David Crutchley, explains:  “If you run a business or are responsible for employees, customers or visitors to a place of work, then you have a duty of care to keep sites safe during winter weather. Despite this, it’s likely that many people in this position may still not be fully aware of the extent of their responsibilities relating to clearing snow and ice.
“What many people may not be aware of is that the HSE is now driven by aggressive commercial targets, with a new tougher sentencing guideline. This shift in orientation has lead to a huge increase in the frequency and severity of fines, including cases where no actual injury has resulted. 
“With fines regularly exceeding six figures, it’s clear that the consequences of failing to take reasonable care could have a catastrophic impact on both the individuals deemed responsible and on the bottom line of the business.”
Last year, the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ reportedly cost the UK economy in the region of £1bn a day. As these “freak” weather occurrences are set to become more commonplace, Councils are being forced to review their spending and priorities on winter services. 
For more information on keeping your business safe and operational this winter call GRITIT on 0800 0432 911, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit 






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