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Mighton Broadens Its Sash Security Offering

To many people, changing the clocks at the end of October signals the onset of cosy evenings, comforting casseroles and months of Saturday night singing. But the various upcoming festivities can also mean empty houses containing expensive gifts, and darkened evenings during which it’s easier not to be seen. 
Amongst everything else, it’s the perfect time of year for burglars. Launched back in January, the Mighton Security Range complements beautiful sash window units with affordable, specialist hardware that would challenge even the most determined intruder. 
Many of the products were existing offers, the launch bringing the entire selection together and promoting it as a complete range catering for all security needs. Now, Mighton Products is pleased to announce the addition of two further items: Securibead Plus and the Latching Sash Lift. The Securibead Plus is affixed to the window frame with Torx screws, an additional safety feature in itself due to the irregular shape of the screw head. Unlike traditional timber parting beads, its metal components prevent it being levered off with force. It also forms part of a larger SBD kit. 
The Latching Sash Lift is operated from the inside of the property and features a spring-loaded lock, which automatically secures the window on closing. 
Chairman Mike Derham comments: “With so much choice available to consumers who are quite literally ‘window shopping’, it is vital that we can provide them with an all round service, which includes options for enhanced security.  Products like the Angel Ventlock system have been enormously successful in preventing children from getting out; these new additions are designed to stop people getting in. They are all SBD approved and meet PAS 24:2016 requirements.
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