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Year To Celebrate For Endurance

As we come to the end of another year, I feel it’s important to reflect on what our business has achieved during 2018 and to celebrate what we have accomplished. 
2018 has proven to be a highly successful year for Endurance, with our Preferred Installer Network growing by over 30% and sales performing strongly across our range. Throughout this year we have invested heavily within our business, we have spent heavily to improve our operations, grow our distribution network and recruit new people. 
We have added more experience to our Senior Management Team with the introduction of Garry Brewin, our Operations Director, and Chris Hindley, our newly appointed Technical Services Manager. both have already made a huge impact with their wealth of experience. Our total headcount now stands at just over 160, having grown by over 33% when compared to this time last year.
2018 has also seen the launch of our new Website, a significant investment designed to generate more brand awareness with our end users and generate more high-quality sales leads for our Installer Network. So far, the new website has been incredibly successful.
Alongside our digital marketing strategy, our new website is generating 100% more leads than during our previous financial year, with literally hundreds of sales leads a week being passed on to our Preferred Installer Network. If your business is looking for a composite door supplier that can offer you excellent products and service as well as a consistent stream of homeowner enquiries, there has never been a better time to start selling Endurance.
With positivity and success paving the way into 2019, we have now set our eyes on the year to come. We have further ambitious growth targets to achieve, which will be facilitated by an increase in our manufacturing space by over 1,296m². 
For more information contact Endurance on 01652 659259.






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