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Workplace Safety About Much More Than PPE and Safe Manual Handling

Bohle has held its first Glass Safety Day. Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, mental well-being at work – and its potential pitfalls for employers. It was opened by John Bradshaw from MRG Services, who said that studies had shown a quarter of Millennials were not following H&S Guidance in the workplace and putting themselves and others in danger. 
The use of mobile phones in the workplace was listed as another area of concern - picked up by users on average of 221 times a day. 
He added that Millennials had completely different expectations in the workplace requiring specific direction and expectations of increased support for mental as well as physical health from employers. 
This was a theme later picked up by Bernadette Harrison, NatWest Mentor. She said that mental health in the workplace was as big an issue as physical health and safety. “As an employer you need to be asking yourself, is it reasonable or unreasonable to be asking someone to do what you’re asking them to do in a 40 hour week? Because that’s the question a tribunal will be asking - and you need to be able to demonstrate it”, she said. 
Philip Pinnington, Director of H&S GGF, highlighted how a disconnect often existed between employer’s perception of provision and the reality on the ground. He said: “I visit people with really great lifting equipment but it’s just sitting there and staff won’t use it. ‘Why’? ‘Because it’s impractical’, well ask the question again ‘why’? There are products out there that will offer the right solution.” 
Supplying an extensive range of PPE and manual handling equipment, the Bohle Glass Safety Day also included profiles of Tornado’s new range of specialist hand protection and Veribor, Bohle’s range of suction lifters. At the forefront of manual handling technology Veribor Suction Lifters are tested to the ultra-stringent German TÜV GS mark. Independently of this all Bohle suction lifters are also designed to have a minimum 2:1 safety margin to reflect real world usage. 
For more about Bohle’s product and service offer visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.






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