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The Show Goes On

Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry talks about the importance of using live social media at events.  We’ve just got back from The Build Show at UK Construction Week where the PiGS Pavilion featured 10 companies from the glazing industry, to show the wider construction industry what glazing is all about. 
One thing I really enjoyed at the show was seeing how much time and effort visitors and exhibitors were putting into their social media.
As well as posting before the event, during the three days at the NEC there was some great live video content and photographs posted, with some fantastic engagement from visitors and other exhibitors.
Events and exhibitions are the perfect time to add in some great live content to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram feeds, to liven up your timelines and engage with the show organisers, other exhibitors and visitors.
It’s not just live posting at the exhibition where it makes a difference. As exhibitors you can start talking about the show from the moment you book. Use teaser campaigns for product launches, giveaways or competitions to get visitors interested enough to come and see your stand. And always remember to shout about what stand number you’re on so they can find you when they get there.
Even as visitors, you can get involved. If you go and see suppliers, don’t forget to take a great selfie on their stand. If you see a stand you really love or a seminar that was really interesting, Tweet about it and make sure the company or speakers are tagged in – they’ll really appreciate your comments.
Remember to make the most of show’s hashtags and to get noticed, tag in the show, the organisers, suppliers and other exhibitors on every post to make sure your message gets out there. 
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