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Eko-Okna 20 Years Of Experience

Eko-Okna is a leading European manufacturer of windows and doors and owes its success to continuous development, competent staff and the ability to adapt to constantly changing market trends.
The company, present in the market since 1998, has been changing the face of the European joinery market for 20 years, building its power from the ground up. Due to rapid development and the ensuing lack of production space, the company has changed headquarters several times. The most recent in 2009, the company found a suitably large enough space in Kornice, to create a huge production plant to meet rising demands.
To get a sense of their success to date, Eko-Okna manufactures from a factory of 108,000 m2, employs over 5000 staff, exports to 35 markets, has over 9000 trade partners and produces 7000 windows daily. The company puts its success down to its main strategy of  continuous development while ensuring the highest standards and the best quality of products.
They also recognise the requirements of foreign markets are very high and can be extremely difficult for foreign companies to enter, yet despite this the company exports 85% of their production to other European countries, the United States, Canada and Australia.
Focusing on development, the manufacturer has  recently implemented the warmest Energeto 8000 system on the market. Energeto has high thermal parameters. The steel has been replaced with plastic, and the glass is glued to the window thanks to bonding inside technology.
The manufacturer systematically introduces new products to their offering, ensuring that they meet the requirements of individual markets. Now, after successfully raising their profile in Europe as a leading manufacturer, they are preparing to do the same in North America. 
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