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‘BLUE Planet’ Inspires Windows Company To Go Green

Sheffield Window Centre has extended the rehau total70 range to include the Co-extruded profile, enabling them to provide customers with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option when choosing their next PVC-U windows.
Located in the heart of Sheffield, the family-owned fabrication and installation business has been making high quality PVC-U windows and doors for over 40 years. In 1991, the company started fabricating rehau profiles, and now fabricates and installs the whole total70 range. 
When the co-extruded profile was launched Sheffield Window Centre saw a real opportunity to complete its portfolio and enhance the offer for more eco-conscious consumers.
Ian Hunter Jr, MD said: “There has been a real change in attitudes towards plastic in the last few years and the recent ‘Blue Planet’ TV series has kickstarted a lot of businesses into reviewing their plastic usage and finding ways to reduce. And, as a business which manufactures using PVC-U products, we needed to act too.
“So when the co-extruded profile became available, we jumped at the chance to adopt them within our manufacturing process. We wanted to do our bit for the planet – not just because that’s the socially responsible thing to do, but also to reassure our customers that they can buy good quality, PVC-U windows that are sustainable and more environmently friendly.”
A large majority of the company’s installations replace first generation PVC-U windows. Now the old windows are collected by rehau and taken to its specialist recycling centre PVCR based in Manchester to be recycled into material which can then be re-used at the extrusion plant to produce the co-extruded total70 profile, thereby providing a closed loop of material use. 
PVC-U can normally be recycled up to 10 times, but because of the improved processes introduced at PVCR, REHAU’s co-extruded profile could possibly be recycled many more times than this. 
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