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Distinction Doors’ Paul Hewkin Leads The Way For Healthy Workplaces

Distinction Doors showed they truly understand the benefits that a healthy workplace brings when they were announced as finalists in Barnsley Council’s Healthy Workplace Awards.
The category of Best Health and Wellbeing Intervention/Initiative Award recognised those companies who have introduced interventions which have made a measurable impact and have been sustained over a longer term. In the case of Distinction Doors, their formation of a five-person Team almost two years ago proved a worthy enough reason to be shortlisted against other local businesses.
Statistically, ill health of employees leads to loss of production, higher staff turnover and absenteeism – all of which have cost implications for organisations. Company staff member Paul Hewkin was crowned winner in the category. Since 2017 Paul has committed himself to improving the health and wellbeing of his colleagues. 
Paul explained: “When the Health and Wellbeing Team first started introducing ideas many thought it wouldn’t last and some didn’t take it very seriously. But the management team have been behind us the whole way and now everybody, whatever their shift pattern, is involved. Once a year we measure people’s blood pressure as part of a campaign called ‘Know your Numbers’. If their reading is higher than it should be we advise them to see their GP. On Tuesdays the whole company can collect a free piece of fruit from the canteen, which also houses a table tennis and pool table for staff to use during their breaks. We’ve created a reading corner as well. It’s introducing a culture of change and considering every aspect of employees’ health, including their mental wellbeing”.
For more information contact distinction doors on 0345 200 0816.






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