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Origin Chooses Kenrick's Nemesis For New Aluminium Window

Origin has chosen the Nemesis multi-point window locking system from Kenrick for its brand new aluminium window - the Origin Slimline Window. The manufacturer is now ramping up production of the new window and has just doubled its latest order for Nemesis to meet rising customer demand. 
Built from high-grade aluminium. the Slimline Window has been designed with an ultra-slim frame (65mm) to maximise the amount of light and achieve ultimate views. To maintain the window’s signature slim sightlines, it was essential that it incorporated a locking system with the shortest possible backset and the smallest mushroom cams that would fit snugly inside the sash.
Having reviewed every other system on the market, the company chose Nemesis from Kenrick. Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin, explains:
“We launched our new Slimline Window in response to a significant demand for a slimmer sightlined window that offered a wider customer appeal, without compromising on quality. This initially posed a challenge for us because we needed to source a multi-point locking system that was compatible with its narrow frame. Obviously, the system had to incorporate enough locking points and offer first rate security, but crucially it needed to be short enough to fit correctly inside the sash. It was also essential that the window lock was competitively priced. We found that Nemesis ticked all these boxes. The Kenrick team worked closely with us, fine-tuning the product to ensure that it sat perfectly within the sash.” 
Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and Marketing Director, added: “We’re passionate about our customers and we want to add value to their businesses by creating products that meet their exacting needs. Origin has put considerable thought into the design of its new window and working with the team has been a fantastic experience for us.”
For further information please contact Kenrick on tel:0121 553 2741 or website:






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