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Letter To The Media

Over recent weeks there’s been increased debate about what exactly is the definition of ‘suited hardware. For years we have been sold door furniture ranges under this banner, yet this definition is now being questioned.
The Cambridge Dictionary suggests that suite is a noun often used in relation to ‘a set of furniture for one room, of matching design and colour.’ So, for the door furniture sector it would seem that the term ‘suited’ would be appropriate only when all components share similarities in both finish and shape. 
This point was fundamental to the design process for Sweet, a completely new range of door furniture that’s featured on the Red Dot World of Design portal and has already been adopted by companies such as Door-Stop, Glazerite and Kingfisher Windows. 
Therefore, with door furniture, we agree with the view that there should be a clear distinction between simply ‘colour matched’ and ‘suited’. 
Yours sincerely
Nick Dutton
CEO Brisant Secure
for more information please contact Nick Dutton 01924 410200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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