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Vickie Brown Receives Top Marks As Chartered Director

With just over 1500 chartered directors operating across the world, achieving the Institute of Directors’ most prestigious qualification is no simple task, and one attempted by very few.
Vickie Brown, Finance Director at Distinction Doors in Barnsley recently joined the honoured cohort, where each member is recognised for their commitment to leadership, decision-making prowess and professional development. Exampling her outstanding determination further, Vickie also triumphed her exams with one of the highest marks the course has received this year.
In October, the IoDs Director of the Year finals, which are being held at the exquisite Royal Horticultural Halls near Westminster, will reveal if Vickie is the country’s top newly qualified director. The winner of the Chartered Director Award will have demonstrated outstanding performances in their exams, and during the subsequent interview process. Vickie explained:  “As a finance director and shareholder, the way I interact with my industry and our employees is of utmost importance. I have been fortunate enough to reach a stage in my career where the decisions I make drive our fiscal business to new heights; something I can now underpin with the approaches I have learned in my training.  Our chief executive Andrew Fowlds is also a chartered director, and so the support I received from my colleagues has been unwavering. I am immensely proud of the personal reward that my efforts have already achieved, and if on 18 October this is magnified, I can’t ask for any more. 
Vickie’s qualification enhances the ever-growing stronghold of female directors who are seen to be taking leading roles in UK businesses. 
“I think it is vital we show our employees that directors are still interested in furthering their knowledge and contributing to a balanced boardroom.”
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