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Amy Perrin – Celebrating 5 Years and Counting

When Quickslide Chairman Adrian Barraclough first saw new recruit Amy Perrin in the sales processing centre, he had some reservations. 
Despite delivering a positive interview at just eighteen years of age, her employment experiences were limited and she had no experience within the glazing industry or knowledge of the company’s operating systems. However, she was pleasant with a genuine desire to be given a chance. Since that day, Amy has applied herself admirably to her role and become a very popular account manager, displaying great initiative and an enviable product knowledge. 
Five and a half years on she is modest about her fame within the sector: “I love my job and having been here for so long my experience only builds, and I’ve developed a wonderful understanding of my clients”. 
Valued customers such as Martyn Richmond from Hallmark Windows Harrogate, speak exceedingly highly of Amy: “Amy was our key account manager for around two years and when they had their restructure, we put in a call to ask if we could keep her with us as she’s been so great to work with. She’s always been a huge breath of fresh air and brightens up your day.”  
Adrian also speaks highly of Amy, as he recalls an exchange with one of her customers: “A couple of years ago a customer called me to compliment Amy. His client had requested an illustration of a certain window style. “Sadly, we don’t have it,” said Amy, “but I do remember processing a similar window style that should now be awaiting delivery.” She promptly slipped on her hi-vis, found the window, took a photo sent it on and subsequently received an order. 
In an age where everyone is faced with technological alternatives to real, human exchange, staff like Amy are a quality find. Coined by Quickslide as the ‘Messi of our industry’ but Amy definitely isn’t available for transfer!
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