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what is evision

evision is an email advertising solution. we will send your campaign to our unique email database of industry professionals and companies who we have carefully researched. our email database has and never will be sold or traded. we work hard to ensure it is constantly updated and cleansed so you can be assured of the best response.
how it works
the email database is divided into the same 4 regions we send each of our regional magazines to, simply choose which region(s) of the uk you wish to target then how many times you want to send your eshots (amendments & changes to subsequent eshots are free of charge.) next let us know what email address you’d like the email to appear to come from, this must be a real address that replies can go to. finally submit your advert and we will build your email campaign ready to be sent by us at a time of your choosing. don’t have an advert? we will design one at no extra charge.
  • 1 region £150.00
  • 2 regions £270.00 (includes 10% discount)
  • 3 regions £382.50 (includes 15% discount)
  • 4 regions £480.00 (includes 20% discount)
additional discounts available
send your advert to more than one region (shown above) and or go for more than 3 eshots to recieve addtional discounts.
  • 3 or more - 15% off
  • 6 or more - 25% off
  • 12 or more - 30% off

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