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About Vision


Vision is the longest running regional publication for the Window, Door & Glazing industry. Trading for over 26 years we produce 4 regional magazines each month covering the UK. This gives more localised companies the opportunity to promote their products and services within their catchment area but also provides the option of national coverage for larger companies. We use a database unique to us and send out our publication to over 13,600 companies, such as; fitters, window fabricators, unit manufacturers, builders, glazing contractors, architects, glass merchants, housing associations and many more.

We also offer an email marketing service, eVision. With over 10,000 unique email addresses and growing eVision has proved highly successfully, especially when paired with print advertising.


Here at Vision we take pride in our high business ethics and our reputation. Each month we're not afraid to publish our mailing bill (see below), showing you we maintain our industry leading circulation on every edition. For a distribution breakdown of who receives the magazine see page 3 of that edition.


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prepayment of adverts will be required for new customers before credit terms are agreed. we reserve the right to amend fonts and images if necessary when at the printing stage. unless stated otherwise, our credit terms are 14 days from the invoice date. we require 7 days notice of cancellation or the cost will be invoiced in full. if a run has been booked and cancellation is requested prior to its completion, we will require repayment of the discounts given. We will require 60 days notice of cancellation of a front or back page. there will be a charge of 50% of the total cost if this requirement is not met.

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